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"Readable Perl" talk slides up

Thanks to Chris and Thom for organising the recent GeekUp Liverpool talks.  The evening started well with Martin Owen's very interesting talk on justifying Erlang, and why FP is going to become a major factor in tomorrow's concurrency-oriented world.  I demonstrated the wisdom of always saving a copy of your talk in PDF to a […]

Vista hate

I'm currently suffering Vista to try to install some development software – on the one hand, for work, and on the other, to play with F# and dotNet. I realised that I need the full version of Visual Studio (the free "Express" version doesn't allow any plugins, by design) so downloaded the 90-day trial version.  […]

More Liverpool talks: Perl, Erlang

Thom has posted the details of the next Liverpool geekup, Tuesday May 27th at 3345 Parr Street. Last time, I admitted to programming in Perl and got ribbed about it being unreadable.  Fueled by the fervour of the righteous (and maybe a pint or two of Cains bitter) I volunteered to do a talk on […]

F# talk in Liverpool

I'd been out of Liverpool for 3 years or so, and I completely missed GeekUp: a loosely affiliated, grassroots tech meetup society in the North West. The Liverpool branch is pretty active, and linked with various other groups, such as the DotNet user group, where Chris Alcock gave a very interesting talk on F#. Not […]