"Readable Perl" talk slides up

Thanks to Chris and Thom for organising the recent GeekUp Liverpool talks.  The evening started well with Martin Owen's very interesting talk on justifying Erlang, and why FP is going to become a major factor in tomorrow's concurrency-oriented world.  I demonstrated the wisdom of always saving a copy of your talk in PDF to a FAT formatted USB drive by being able to seamlessly present from Martin's laptop when my own decided that it really wanted to do a fsck right now, thanks very much.

My talk went well, thanks in no small part to a very receptive and welcoming audience (largely non-Perl programmers).  I've now posted the slides to http://greenokapi.net/talks/ReadablePerl.pdf under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales license.  Comments and questions welcome!

A varied discussion ensured, spanning legacy code, the value (or not) of training, vitamins and handmade chess-sets, Liverpool city of cultcha, and much much more.