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Crossword puzzles in Haskell

Every year or so I come back to the problem of writing a crossword puzzle compiler/player. I think Javascript would be the most promising for a web-based player, though I’ve given it a go in Java and Perl too. Modeling the problem is interesting in an Object Oriented language – I would find myself getting […]

Pocket Perl (introduction in Italian): short review

First of all, a disclaimer: I know “larsen” (Stefano Rodighiero) not just as an ex-colleague (he is one of the most respected senior programmers at DADA in Italy), or through the Italian Perl community, but also as a good friend. But of course, those were excellent reasons to look forward to his book: an introduction […]

Functional Pe(a)rls v2 (now with Monads!) at the London Perl Workshop 2008

On Saturday I gave an updated version of my Functional Pe(a)rls talk. This time around I cut the whistlestop tour of builtin FP techniques in Perl (map/grep/join) and added a section on Monads – what they are and how to implement them. I’d originally worried that the slides might have been over-academic and hard to […]