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Oyster at the Hackday (pt2)

Continuing the writeup of the recent hackday (Part 1): Server We’d originally assumed that the main backend would be EC2, purely because it seems to have more mindshare currently (for example, the opensource initiatives around Eucalyptus and OpenStack seem to be targeting the EC2 API as a de facto standard). However Marco Fontani (who […]

Oyster at the Hackday (pt1)

Mark Keating has already blogged in detail about the Hackday 2010 from a social & logistic point of view, and I’ll just agree here that it was indeed awesome in the true sense of the world! Instead, I’d like to wrap up some detail about Oyster itself, the project that about a dozen of […] hackday on Saturday! (20th November 2010, Lancaster)

So, we’re gearing up for the Hackday (wiki)! We’ll be mostly working on the following projects: Oyster: “an incubator for perls in the cloud” (roadmap) (tasks). This is the project I proposed, and I’m very excited (and very very scared!) about it. Ironman (Last year’s main Hackday project, ably herded by Ian Norton and […]

Beans pt2: docs, tests, and more types

A couple of comments on the first post suggested that I look into the command-line bookkeeping application ledger, or indeed, its Haskell version hledger. They look very interesting, but rather hard to wrap my head around. So though I’m going to bear them in mind for later, I’ll carry on doing these sketches till I […]

The moose counts beans – managing my finances with Perl

I’ve recently been trying to improve my rather disorganized personal finances. While I previously “managed” by leaving the bulk of the money in my account and hoping that I’d calculated my expenses versus salary roughly correctly, this is suboptimal for answering various questions like “Do I have enough money to go on holiday?” or “Have […]