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Some thoughts on Python

I’ve never studied Python, but I’d quite like to at some point in the future. It seems very much like Perl with a different set of design criteria. Yeah, there are differences, but compare with C, Lisp, COBOL, and you can see why Perl and Python are clustered together in the “P languages” (Perl/Python/P^HRuby etc.) […]

Italian Perl Workshop 2008

I went to my 3rd Italian Perl Workshop, IPW2008 at the end of last week. It seems to have been the most successful Italian conference to date, and it certainly succeeded at being both a national workshop and an international event. It hadn’t occurred to me before that these are actually two orthogonal aims. An […]

Two cultures of interactive fiction

One of the questions in a recent survey on asked if we preferred “story” or “puzzle” interactive fiction. Though it’s not as much of a binary choice as the wording implied, there are two extremes of a continuum, and many people have a preference towards one end or the other. I’m not a very […]