More Liverpool talks: Perl, Erlang

Thom has posted the details of the next Liverpool geekup, Tuesday May 27th at 3345 Parr Street.
Last time, I admitted to programming in Perl and got ribbed about it being unreadable.  Fueled by the fervour of the righteous (and maybe a pint or two of Cains bitter) I volunteered to do a talk on Readable Perl.

People like to claim Perl is line noise, with its sigils and regular
expressions. But a lot of the features that make it possible to write,
yes, truly awful, unreadable Perl, also let you write clean,
maintainable code too.

  • those $%&* sigils!
  • there's More Than One Way To Do It
  • strings and data structures
  • map, grep, first class functions
  • metaprogramming and the CPAN
  • modern Object Oriented programming with Moose

Martin Owen will also be talking on Erlang, which I'm very much looking forward to!

Hope to see you there :-)