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Bids for YAPC::EU::2010 – Pisa and Kiev!

Organizing a conference is hard, let’s go shopping! For the first time I’m officially helping, not just for the Italian Perl Workshop this year, but possibly for YAPC::EU::2010 too. I’ve been working with the guys on the proposal to host the European Perl Conference 2010 in Pisa. We submitted the bid on Monday, and […]

News on IPW2009 – DBI, Perl6, Javascript and… Dave Rolsky?

The preparations for this year’s Italian Perl workshop are hotting up, and it’s looking like it might even top last year’s event. I’ll just focus on the international track (in English) here: we’ve already got some great guest speakers lined up: Tim Bunce, the author of DBI, one of the finest database interfaces known to […]

Pocket Perl (introduction in Italian): short review

First of all, a disclaimer: I know “larsen” (Stefano Rodighiero) not just as an ex-colleague (he is one of the most respected senior programmers at DADA in Italy), or through the Italian Perl community, but also as a good friend. But of course, those were excellent reasons to look forward to his book: an introduction […]