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I know what I did last summer: YAPC::EU::2010 Pisa

So, on the train down to LPW, I came across my notes from this summer about YAPC::EU::2010, my 6th YAPC, and the first that I’ve helped with as an orga ;-) The general trend of YAPCs is to build on the successes of previous years, push the standard higher in some aspects, and to make […]

Oyster at the Hackday (pt2)

Continuing the writeup of the recent hackday (Part 1): Server We’d originally assumed that the main backend would be EC2, purely because it seems to have more mindshare currently (for example, the opensource initiatives around Eucalyptus and OpenStack seem to be targeting the EC2 API as a de facto standard). However Marco Fontani (who […] hackday on Saturday! (20th November 2010, Lancaster)

So, we’re gearing up for the Hackday (wiki)! We’ll be mostly working on the following projects: Oyster: “an incubator for perls in the cloud” (roadmap) (tasks). This is the project I proposed, and I’m very excited (and very very scared!) about it. Ironman (Last year’s main Hackday project, ably herded by Ian Norton and […]

Github language statistics

I enjoyed Aldo Cortesi’s rather interesting post about language statistics on github. He’s done some good analysis, and there are some interesting nuggets of information to be had about Perl, Haskell (though fewer, as there are only 18 projects that made his criteria) as well as other languages. Of course, there is some silliness there […]

Beans pt2: docs, tests, and more types

A couple of comments on the first post suggested that I look into the command-line bookkeeping application ledger, or indeed, its Haskell version hledger. They look very interesting, but rather hard to wrap my head around. So though I’m going to bear them in mind for later, I’ll carry on doing these sketches till I […]

The moose counts beans – managing my finances with Perl

I’ve recently been trying to improve my rather disorganized personal finances. While I previously “managed” by leaving the bulk of the money in my account and hoping that I’d calculated my expenses versus salary roughly correctly, this is suboptimal for answering various questions like “Do I have enough money to go on holiday?” or “Have […]

YAPC::EU::2009 Lisbon writeup

The Portuguese team did a fantastic job with this year’s Perl conference YAPC::EU::2009 in Lisbon just last week. What I learnt Lots of companies — Cisco, Opera, the canton of Geneva, among others — are proud to use Perl. There is lots of work going on in the “Enlightened” Perl movement. Including ways to make […]

A brief note on technical translation: Jay Kuri’s Gentle Introduction to Moose

While we were discussing how to promote the Italian Perl Workshop, and the planned training on Moose, I noted that there weren’t any articles on Moose (Perl’s modern OO implementation, inspired by CLOS, Smalltalk and Ruby) on Lordarthas of course told me “well volunteered!”… oops. I pointed out that I don’t really know Moose, […]

Bids for YAPC::EU::2010 – Pisa and Kiev!

Organizing a conference is hard, let’s go shopping! For the first time I’m officially helping, not just for the Italian Perl Workshop this year, but possibly for YAPC::EU::2010 too. I’ve been working with the guys on the proposal to host the European Perl Conference 2010 in Pisa. We submitted the bid on Monday, and […]