hackday on Saturday! (20th November 2010, Lancaster)

So, we’re gearing up for the Hackday (wiki)! We’ll be mostly working on the following projects:

  • Oyster: “an incubator for perls in the cloud” (roadmap) (tasks). This is the project I proposed, and I’m very excited (and very very scared!) about it.
  • Ironman (Last year’s main Hackday project, ably herded by Ian Norton and co.)
  • Presenting Perl, a website for Perl video, slides, and much more. (roadmap) (tasks)

Look forward to seeing lots of old and new faces: as well as the usual NorthWest UK crowd, people are traveling from Germany, Edinburgh, Glasgow (and possibly other places!) We’ll also be open for business remotely, on IRC at’s channel. See you there!