SOE, Erlang, etc.

David Tran got in touch to say he's also working his way through SOE, and he's posting on, where he's mainly posting solutions, looks good!

I discussed some answers on irc with Apocalisp, who has some very subtle versions of regularPolygon and isConvex.  I may, though I still find doing proofs painful-and-not-really-fun try to work through the proofs that our versions are equivalent.  Maybe.

I recently discovered that some of our new colleagues from Splinder are Erlang programmers and are working with ejabberd etc.!  I've subscribed to Loreto's blog (in Italian) as Erlang is next on my list of things to learn.

While I was looking for information about Erlang, I found the LinkedIn group about it and requested to join.  Martin Logan who is an admin for the group emailed me with a proforma email including… an Erlang syntax question.  I considered googling the answer but thought I'd be honest… so I confessed that I was interested in learning it, which he seems to be satisfied with.  So I'm now a member, although I can't figure out how to get LinkedIn to do anything with that (is there a group page?  a list of members? a blog?)