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CPAN updates

I recently posted some things to Perl’s CPAN that I’ve previously discussed in this blog. After my post on AUTOLOAD hate, I released the module discussed in it as Sub::Auto. I finally released Attribute::Cached briefly discussed in my Readable Perl slides). Already mentioned Sub::Curried today.

10,25,50… sequence fun

Debolaz asked in #moose about the best way to create: a list of numbers like 10,25,50,100,250,500,1000,etc without tracking any other state than the number itself Nope, this isn’t A020179 but the much more prosaic A112024. Debolaz wanted this sequence, or something similar to it, for the same reason the US used it for currency – […]

More Perl hate, and what to do about it: AUTOLOAD

A couple of interesting comments to my Five things I hate about Perl. Quicksilver pointed out that I’d missed the difference between arrays and lists. Yup, that’s pretty subtle, and of course it’s bitten me a few times (though oddly enough, I don’t have that strong a dislike of it). Luqui on the other hand […]

Monads in Perl (take 1)

I've been away for a while from Haskell so I thought I should do some revision and really get my head around Monads. While I plodded through the wonderful "meet the monads" tutorial, I decided that the best way to learn would be to do. By implementing Monads in Perl. I'd highly recommend trying to […]

Haskell 'words' and Perl 'split'

Haskell’s prelude has a function words that splits a string by spaces. Prelude> words “nice cup of tea” ["nice","cup","of","tea"] Apparently the question comes up quite regularly on irc or haskell-cafe as to why this function is specialised to split only on whitespace. Perl’s split, for example, can split on any character, or indeed string or […]

Lambdacamels, slime, and a syphilitic stoat.

1. In which a challenge is thrown, but there is a spanner in the works! Haskell suddenly became “important” in the Perl community when Audrey Tang started to blog about Pugs, the prototype version of the Perl 6 interpreter/compiler. So, when I started looking at Haskell, I did so with another Perl-monger, larsen, one of […]