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Global state in Web Applications: Catalyst’s stash.

The Perl web framework Catalyst has, and I’m fairly sure this is in common with many such frameworks in any programming language, a concept of a store of data, scoped to the current request, called the “stash”. I’ve mentioned a few times that “I don’t like it” and the reaction I get suggests that I […]

Is currying monadic?

Here’s a question that came up while I’ve been trying to implement currying in Perl: is Currying monadic? I’ve tried a couple of times, but not managed to explain what I mean very well on #haskell, so let’s see if a longer writeup explains it better. My simplistic understanding of monads is that they take […]

Currying in Perl

“Currying” is a simple idea that is surprisingly powerful on the one hand, and which was surprisingly hard (at least for me) to get my head around – possibly because the concept didn’t exist natively in the languages I learnt first. When you declare a function in currying style, each argument is taken one at […]

“Functional Pe(a)rls” at, Manchester, 5th May

The nice chaps at NorthWestEngland PerlMongers have organized a technical meeting on 5th May, at the Manchester Digital Development Agency. I’ll be doing a 3rd version of my Functional Pe(a)rls talk, about Haskell-inspired craziness in Pure Perl. And Matt Trout and Ian Norton will be talking about OO Database design, and Maildir migration, so there’s […]

More longest paths, and sick folds.

This week’s simple longest path exercise seems to have had more mileage in it than I expected. Thanks to everyone’s comments and suggestions, I’ve updated with a number of times with, among other things, an improved Haskell version that acts on path elements instead of just characters. But I had intended to do a version […]

There’s the nub (snippet in Perl and Haskell)

Here’s a simple problem, with solutions in Perl and Haskell. @joel: suppose I have a list of strings (they happen to be paths) – how might I find only the longest instance of each path? @joel: that is give /foo /foo/bar /foo/bar/baz /qux I only want back /foo/bar/baz and /qux @joel: do I need to […]

Pocket Perl (introduction in Italian): short review

First of all, a disclaimer: I know “larsen” (Stefano Rodighiero) not just as an ex-colleague (he is one of the most respected senior programmers at DADA in Italy), or through the Italian Perl community, but also as a good friend. But of course, those were excellent reasons to look forward to his book: an introduction […]

Functional Pe(a)rls v2 (now with Monads!) at the London Perl Workshop 2008

On Saturday I gave an updated version of my Functional Pe(a)rls talk. This time around I cut the whistlestop tour of builtin FP techniques in Perl (map/grep/join) and added a section on Monads – what they are and how to implement them. I’d originally worried that the slides might have been over-academic and hard to […]

Italian Perl Workshop 2008

I went to my 3rd Italian Perl Workshop, IPW2008 at the end of last week. It seems to have been the most successful Italian conference to date, and it certainly succeeded at being both a national workshop and an international event. It hadn’t occurred to me before that these are actually two orthogonal aims. An […]

Italian Perl Workshop 2008 looking tempting

(Cross posted from my use.perl blog) The Italian Perlmongers are finalising their preparations for IPW 2008, Pisa. I managed to get to the last 2 while I was working in Florence, and the organizers have always managed to get a great venue, coffee breaks with unusually nice biscuits, and put on a fantastic mix of […]