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Rothfuss and Le Guin

I recently went through why I don’t like Rothfuss’s style and noted a disconnect between what I saw as clumsy wording and pained metaphors, and the glowing reviews from bloggers and published fantasy authors alike. Are these people on crack, or am I missing something? Shortly after posting I discovered that Ursula Le Guin has […]

Some notes on style in Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind

I’m attempting to read Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind for the Liverpool One Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookclub. I’m finding it hardgoing. Perhaps some quotes from the text will help clarify why. He pulled more beer for Jake, Shep, and Old Cob, moving with an air of bustling efficiency. There’s a general overuse […]

A brief note on technical translation: Jay Kuri’s Gentle Introduction to Moose

While we were discussing how to promote the Italian Perl Workshop, and the planned training on Moose, I noted that there weren’t any articles on Moose (Perl’s modern OO implementation, inspired by CLOS, Smalltalk and Ruby) on Lordarthas of course told me “well volunteered!”… oops. I pointed out that I don’t really know Moose, […]