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More SOE blogs

Apocalisp, who is also working through SOE, pointed out his new blog on the subject, yay!

Lambdacamels, slime, and a syphilitic stoat.

1. In which a challenge is thrown, but there is a spanner in the works! Haskell suddenly became “important” in the Perl community when Audrey Tang started to blog about Pugs, the prototype version of the Perl 6 interpreter/compiler. So, when I started looking at Haskell, I did so with another Perl-monger, larsen, one of […]

Trigonometry reprise

I whined on IRC about my inability to do simple trig and dakkar kindly took me through the basics of a cosine. So I sat down later to look again at an exercise I'd skipped: 2.2 to defined the function: > regularPolygon :: Int -> Side -> Shape> But I realised that I still couldn't […]

Chapter 3. SOE

If I found the exercises in chapter 2 a little hard, the fact that thereare only two of them in this chapter should have been a warning… Amusingly, Hudak suggests that the module SOEGraphics will notevolve, as it is designed for the textbook, however, as it happens, ithas changed its API in a significant way […]

Notes on Chapter 2 of SOE

Hello Planet A couple of weeks back, I got an email from Antti-Juhani who'd just processedmy request to have this blog added to planet Haskell.  He pointed outthat I seemed to have gone awfully quiet…  Basically, not had a lot oftuits recently, but now I'm working through SOE a bit more seriously,here are my notes […]

Chapter 1 of Hudak's "Haskell School of Expression"

Chapter 1 of Hudak's "Haskell School of Expression" is "Problem Solving, Programming and Calculation".It's an introductory chapter, which has just enough on computation to serve as an introduction to someone coming to Haskell as their first programming language (eeeek!)  It's also got a lot of good stuff, so it's worth not skipping even if you […]

On learning Haskell

Haskell recently became trendy in the Perl community after Audrey Tangprototyped a compiler for Perl 6 at an incredible pace.  With this levelof interest, and the frequent exhortation to "learn a new programminglanguage every year", I decided to learn it. It's slightly more difficult than it sounds.  Occasionally you hearpeople saying that Haskell is easy […]