Undone – sci-fi comedy on BBC radio

Just a quick post about this cute scifi-ish radio show, Ben Moor’s Undone. Someone pointed me at it a couple of years ago, noting that the protagonist Edna Turner reminded him of the lovely Sally Sparrow from Blink. I loved the wordplay, the surreal alternate reality (for example, “Los muchachos que necesitan la insulina, Mexico City’s top diabetic mariachi band”), and the choice of music. And now I discover there was a 2nd series, and even a 3rd which will be broadcast in November.

Though I like the offbeat parallel reality more when it’s low key (the series finales are more high-fantasy end-of-the-world stuff) the story arc is shaping up quite interestingly, as the whole premise of the scenario is put into question (hopefully this won’t affect the surreal punning).

You can catch up on iPlayer — though, bizarrely, they haven’t stacked previous episodes, so you’d only catch the series 1 ending now, bad BBC! And while I’m knocking Auntie, why don’t the microsite or the iPlayer programme information give any details on the music used? The manic choral theme is fantastic, and the incidental music is also excellent. Any clues?